Concentration Grids

Build Your Mental Focus & Concentration Anywhere!

What Are Concentration Grids?

Concentration grids are simple, but powerful tool individuals can use to help improve their mental focus.

The Concentration Grid is a simple exercise that helps you build your mental skills. Just practice completing the concentration grid a couple times a week.

As you complete these exercises week after week, you will see dramatic improvements!

For the greatest improvements, do 1-2 grids every day.

What Sort Of Improvements?

You may hear your coaches talk about staying focused, or asking your to concentrate. Yet most coaches are not teaching you how.

With concentration grids, you will:

  • increase your ability to remain focused through distractions
  • improve your concentration and attention spans
  • develop a "mental monitor" that helps you recognize moments when you lose focus (so you can quickly get your head back in the game!)
  • build your capacity for self-regulation - the ability to stay calm and focused under stressful, pressure situations
How Do I Do It?

You can do the concentration grid online, or download a concentration grid pdf and print it out.

There are two ways to work the exercise:

  1. Time how long it takes you to find all the numbers starting from 00 up to 99. When you are finished, record your time to chart your progress.
  2. Set a countdown timer from 15 seconds up to 2 minutes. Find as many numbers in order from 00 up to 99 as you can. When the timer goes off, record the highest number you found to chart your progress.
Chart Your Progress

It is important to keep a log of your progress. Keeping such a log helps you see clearly how much improvement you make over the weeks and months.

Use a small notepad and record your scores after each exercise. If you use the online conentration grid your scores will automatically be stored on the History page.

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